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Planning in a pandemic

Despite the worldwide difficulties with travel and recreation under COVID-19, Peninsula and Plains Orienteers are still keen as to host a great event for Orienteers in January 2021. We have decided to go ahead with 4 days of events – whether they will be possibly be called the Oceania Championships, or not. This decision will […]

Waiting game

 “It’s spookily quiet in the forest and sounds from the farms in the valley below seem to travel a long way”, says Michael Croxford. Michael has been working on mapping in the middle of nowhere with only some friendly farm noises, the odd native bird and a couple of rabbits to keep him company.  Visits […]

Response whilst in lockdown

We are almost at the end of a high lockdown level – level 4 in New Zealand. Things are going to work differently for a little while yet. Along with all of New Zealand and the rest of the world, it is too early for any of us to make sensible decision about whether we […]

Staying safe

We are all entering a new phase in community life right now as New Zealand is currently in lockdown to beat the COVID-19 virus for four weeks. We are lucky in New Zealand to do this with a supportive government putting everything in place. This is not the way we imagined we would plan a […]

Orienteering in Canterbury’s finest crags

We all need orienteering adventures in new places. To try something different, have a change of scenery.  It’s important to have variety and new challenges. Pictured here are landscapes around the Prebble Hill area, where the NZ Oceania Champs middle event is planned. It is impressive terrain on the eastern ranges of the Southern Alps, […]

Encouraging a British exit

We are championing an orienteering Brexit. We think that pommie politics may get so horrendously bad, everyone will want to leave the country soon anyway. So encourage them to get outside and orienteer somewhere new and far away. You can easily escape British life for a while and get far away from that political nonsense. […]

Bulletin Zero – Oceania NZ 2021 news | January 2020

A new decade brings on fresh terrain and new adventures. Now is the time for yourself, for another big goal. It is time to build on your experience.  It’s time: to explore more, to increase the clean run count, to get fitter, to have more fearlessness, to trust yourself, to be comfortable with where you […]

Ready, set, but don’t go yet

We have been investigating what is the most meaningful embargo notice. Yes, we know that sounds odd, but we are serious map geeks here. You can let us know if we have missed any vital info. Orienteers take embargos seriously, and we always enjoy reading the interesting comments that come after releasing one. So read […]

About our IOF Senior Event Advisor

We asked Richard Matthews, our Senior IOF Event Adviser (SEA) if he could tell us a bit more about himself. Having recently visited New Zealand to assist with Oceania 2021 planning,  Richard is excited by areas for the carnival and is confident of a great event. He also participated in the Canterbury Championships in between […]