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Bored of running on the the same old maps, year after year. Yeh, nah!
Well actually, us too! If orienteering has become boring for you Oceania 2021 will shake things up and give you a great excuse to hit the road or runway. We’re just as excited about developing some new areas for these events. Everyone can benefit from a bit of travel, but using your passion for map sport will help you find, explore and seek out totally new experiences, that you’d never discover any other way.If you’re planning on visiting New Zealand, for our event you can put your name down for our newsletter. The news maybe a bit sporadic at first, but we’ll update you with our planning for some challenging events in varied terrain on the top half of the south island.

Get ready for a few days filled with serious orienteering competition, camaraderie, and geeking out over all things maps. We can’t wait to welcome you back to NZ for some adventure.

All embargo notices for the event have now been published. Read the document for full details:

Oceania 2021 embargo doc – template v3

Age Classes & Courses

There’ll be courses suitable for everyone – young and old; and all levels of experience.

  • Juniors: M/W10 through to M/W20
  • Seniors: M/W21 Elite, M/W21 Open and 5 year age grades from 35 to 85+
  • ‘Short’ courses, B grades and easy ‘Open’ courses will also be available

How to understand the local lingo:

And finally,  you’ll most likely need (and want) to lean how to interact in New Zild.  So every news we’ll chuck in a few  basics about kiwi pronunciation to help you understand anyone you meet here. if you learn and persevere you might even develop a friendships that last across the ditch at least you ‘ll understand the  instructions at the start.

New Zild 101: How to speak in New Zillund We didn’t make it up the phrase “New Zild’. It  comes from a book published in 1966 by Arch Acker (a pun on ‘Hard Yakka’). 

We don’t have an accent in NZ – it is just what everyone speaks here so get used to it by ‘avin’ a go at it. 

NZ phrase: “rilly choice”
What it means: “ripper” , “bonza” , “the best ever”

Test your New Zild: “Oceania 2021 will be rilly choice”

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Top banner photo location: Arts Centre building, Central Christchurch  Photo credit: ChristchurchNZ