Double bubble quarantine-free events

How terribly exciting! We now have a double bubble to include our very close down-under neighbours. We very excited to extend a very special event invitation to out to our fellow ANZAC’s and closest sports, for a right royal orienteering challenge. But oh, we must profusely apologise, as for many of you this maybe a bit late notice in order to réspondez s’il vous plaît (RSVP) to this.
But after long sluggish year surviving solely on Australian terrain, you can now let out a huge cry of relief as we are still planning for Oceania 2022. We might even get an interview with Queen Oprah Winfrey if all goes to plan.

If you plan to attend this event YOU CAN NOW ENTER and find more information here:
For all the appropriate arrangements to be prepared for your presence, you will need to enter promptly. Do get onto it before 11:59pm on Sun, 23rd May 2021 NZST – now don’t dilly-dally!

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Southern O this summer

When Oceania moved to 2022, the hole in the nav fun calendar has been filled with Southern O Week. Unfortunately it is still a bit tricky for our overseas visitors as quarantine is in place for all visitors coming in to NZ. But for those who are lucky enough to be here, the entries have just opened for Southern O. Check it out and enter now:

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Oceania embargo updated to 2022

An updated embargo document (version 4) has extended dates to 2022.

These embargoed areas are out of bounds to competitors prior to the Oceania 2022 events, and cover the areas being used in the competition. This prevents unfair prior knowledge being gained about the terrain and map features.

The following embargoes are still in place for the Oceania 2022 Champs: Laidlaw, Woodend, Flock and Prebble Hill, Lincoln Primary and Secondary Schools.

Oceania 2022 embargo doc – template v4 (1)

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Oceania shuffles to 2022

Yes, Oceania has moved along a year! Wow, and what a year it has been so far. Current restrictions at the New Zealand border are very tight in response to COVID-19. So at this point to go ahead with the event in January 2021 is not achievable. Peninsula and Plains Orienteers (PAPO) have been negotiating with Orienteering NZ, Orienteering Australia, and the International Orienteering Federation on various options since March this year. To that effect, we are pleased to announce that the Oceania Orienteering Championships will now take place in January 2022 (COVID-19 allowing). All current embargoes will be extended to 2022. At this time it is too early for defined dates, but we ask you to mark down in your calendars from early to mid January and we will confirm the new dates as soon as we can. We look forward to good health in the year to come and to January 2022.

Photo credit: Michael Croxford, Wayfind Outdoors Ltd

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Planning in a pandemic

Despite the worldwide difficulties with travel and recreation under COVID-19, Peninsula and Plains Orienteers are still keen as to host a great event for Orienteers in January 2021. We have decided to go ahead with 4 days of events – whether they will be possibly be called the Oceania Championships, or not. This decision will now be decided by the end of August. We are currently canvassing other South Island clubs to determine the full extent of the series, and we will be back with more news soon. Thanks for sticking with us as we work this out.

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