Response whilst in lockdown

We are almost at the end of a high lockdown level – level 4 in New Zealand. Things are going to work differently for a little while yet. Along with all of New Zealand and the rest of the world, it is too early for any of us to make sensible decision about whether we will be able to go ahead with the Oceania Orienteering Championships in January 2021, due to national and international travel restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The organising group anticipate being able to make a firm announcement by June at the earliest and August at the latest. Watch this space, and in the meantime, as always, stay safe.

Image source: The Copernicus Sentinel-3A satellite over New Zealand. Image captured on 22 August 2018, this true-colour image shows the snow-covered Southern Alps stretching 500 km across the west coast of the South Island.

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Staying safe

We are all entering a new phase in community life right now as New Zealand is currently in lockdown to beat the COVID-19 virus for four weeks. We are lucky in New Zealand to do this with a supportive government putting everything in place. This is not the way we imagined we would plan a major world ranking event, but we are still continuing preparations for Oceania. We’ll get through this, we are in it together. We will constantly re-consider our options as time goes on. We know what we want the future to hold, but we have to see what we are capable of achieving. Stay safe. Keep tuned-in to our website and media for updates.

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Orienteering in Canterbury’s finest crags

We all need orienteering adventures in new places. To try something different, have a change of scenery.  It’s important to have variety and new challenges.

Castle hill basin area

Pictured here are landscapes around the Prebble Hill area, where the NZ Oceania Champs middle event is planned. It is impressive terrain on the eastern ranges of the Southern Alps, an hour’s drive from Christchurch. Have a look at  Kura Tawhiti / Castle Hill which is nearby and rocks similar geological wonders to Prebble Hill. This is a place of natural, historical and cultural value, with a rich history for the Māori tribe Ngāi Tahu who collected food and created rock drawings around these giant rock formations. Hewn by eons of rain, wind and groundwater, this is an archetypal karst landscape where sheets of limestone have been reduced to isolated blocks, pillars and outcrops, that remind you of ruins of ancient castles. When you are driving on the Arthur’s pass road between Christchurch and Greymouth watch out for this spectacular area that was used in as part of a film setting for part of the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

If you are coming to the Oceania Orienteering Champs in January 2021 you will enjoy this outstanding challenge requiring deft footwork and crafty map skills between the crags. Expect to hear: “This is the best orienteering event ever!”


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Encouraging a British exit

We are championing an orienteering Brexit. We think that pommie politics may get so horrendously bad, everyone will want to leave the country soon anyway. So encourage them to get outside and orienteer somewhere new and far away. You can easily escape British life for a while and get far away from that political nonsense.

Tell all your British orienteering buddies to look out for out for our Oceania advert inside this classic UK magazine. Invite your UK mates over for a kiwi visit and to participate in a world-class event downunder.  Get in some extra summer competition in January 2021 in a place where the sun shines and messy politics is easily forgotten.

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Bulletin Zero – Oceania NZ 2021 news | January 2020

A new decade brings on fresh terrain and new adventures. Now is the time for yourself, for another big goal. It is time to build on your experience.  It’s time:

to explore more, to increase the clean run count, to get fitter, to have more fearlessness, to trust yourself, to be comfortable with where you are at…

Where ever you are,  this is your chance to travel and bring on a brand new challenge.

Oceania NZ 2021 has now published Bulletin Zero with more information about the event [2.3MB pdf  file]. Read the Bulletin Zero info here, or download the pdf link below.

Bulletin Zero

Oceania NZ 2021 news   | First edition | January 2020

Kia Ora and Greetings,

After achieving a record number of entries and overwhelming success for the 2019 NZ Nationals, Peninsula and Plains Orienteers are planning another festival of orienteering fun. And then just like that, it’s 2020, so we are now working steadily on a much bigger and better event – The 2021 Oceania Champs.  

NZ is made for outdoor adventure

We would love you to join us in New Zealand for a series of events that start at the top of the South Island at Marlborough and travel down to Oamaru, with Christchurch as the main base for the Oceania events.  In January we have long, warm days with lots of terrain to explore. From greenery in a truly alive forest, to rocky outcrops in the alpine foothills and coastal forest sand dunes to explore. The Canterbury region as a base for Oceania has it all –  from the mountains to the sea. 

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand within the Canterbury Region. The Christchurch urban area is situated on the NZ South Island’s east coast, nestled between the alps to the north and the stunning Banks Peninsula in the south. There is no better time to experience NZ outdoor than January when the days are long and the weather is at its best.

A challenge to rumble your map skills in new terrain

Book your time away and plan for early next year. There some out-of-bounds areas that you must take note of, so please take notice of the embargo in place. See more info here.

Even though this will be a large international event with a festival atmosphere it is still a family-friendly and beginners are very welcome. Out of the multiple courses on offer each day,  there will be a map that fits your challenge level. We just know you’ll love getting outdoors and testing your navigation in new locations.

We have rolled out a brief calendar of events check it out here: Programme 

Oceania NZ 2021 championship event detail

Oceania Day 1 | Monday 11 January : Sprint event @ Lincoln

Location: 22 km,  approx 25 mins from central Christchurch  
Terrain: Irregular buildings provide good opportunities for multiple route choices. Decision making on the run will require close attention to the map. There is an area of mixed grassland and clumps of scrub that will require a “change of gear” as you adjust to another terrain.

Oceania Day 2 | Tuesday 12 January :  Long event @ Laidmore

Location: 66 km,  approx 1 hour 10mins from central Christchurch
Terrain: Mature pine forest with mostly beautiful clean running peppered with some challenging areas with low visibility. A series of gullies and spurs will provide twists and turns, sloping ridges and interesting contours to navigate with.  

Woodend Terrain Oceania Day 3 | Thursday 14 January  Relay event @ Woodend

Location: 55 km,  approx 1 hour from central Christchurch
Terrain: A long narrow strip of sand dunes with detailed and complex contours which include knolls, depressions and many small features. Some patches of dense pines and overgrown trails in a complex dune area with plenty of detailed navigation. 

Prebble Hill Oceania Day 4 | Friday 15 January : Middle event @ Prebble Hill

Location: 110 km,  approx 1 hour 40mins from central Christchurch
Terrain: Open grassland with numerous limestone outcrops bounded to the west by a river. A section of rock lies on the slope of a large amphitheatre with rock extending to a steep escarpment. 


Other events
Sprint Double | Saturday 9 January : Picton and Middle Distance Sunday 10 January : Marlborough area

Events organised by Nelson Club and the other day by Marlborough Orienteering Both events will be in the Marlborough area. 



Follow-on events | Saturday 16 January & Sunday 17 January:  Kuriheka

Location: 40 minutes drive inland from Oamaru.
Map:This map has been used only once for the 2019 Nationals Long Distance event. Mapper – Russell Higham, 2018/2019.
Terrain: The Kuriheka map has flat-topped farmland between gullies with mature manuka and pineforest. The open land is well-grazed with short grass and is fast running under all the trees, except in a few areas where the light has penetrated to allow vegetation tangles. The streams vary from a trickle to a wade, and the sides of the gullies can be steep in places with occasional rocky outcrops.
Organised by Dunedin Orienteering 

What’s on it’s way…

We are just nailing down the entry form the event entries to be open from June 2020.. 

Make sure you sign your mates, as well as yourself, up for the news on the Oceania 2021 website

Quotes from past participants:

Orienteering testimonials from Nationals 2019:

And now for the rilly essential info you have been waiting for:

New Zild 102: How to speak in New Zillund 

What you are saying? New Zild 
How are you going? Air goin?
Bad manners Bed Menace
All Blacks All Blecks
Prime Minister Pry Meeneesta


Printout/download this Bulletin ZERO information [2.MB pdf file]:

Bulletin ZERO _ Oceania NZ 2021 news _ January 2020


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