Ready, set, but don’t go yet

We have been investigating what is the most meaningful embargo notice.
Yes, we know that sounds odd, but we are serious map geeks here. You can let us know if we have missed any vital info. Orienteers take embargos seriously, and we always enjoy reading the interesting comments that come after releasing one. So read the full document and fire us some great questions.

We have been following the IOF recommendations as closely as possible and some good technical discussions have been floating around. Many thanks to all the NZ technical team and out IOF advisor for your input. Orienteers like to keep the terrain fresh for the day – otherwise it defeats the purpose, so we know you will keep your eyes on this map only.  Stay away, to keep the best map sport experience for the event on the day. 

Full embargo document link:

Oceania 2021 embargo doc – template v3

An advisor who loves adventures

About our IOF Senior Event Advisor

We asked Richard Matthews, our Senior IOF Event Adviser (SEA) if he could tell us a bit more about himself. Having recently visited New Zealand to assist with Oceania 2021 planning,  Richard is excited by areas for the carnival and is confident of a great event. He also participated in the Canterbury Championships in between scoping-out our preferred  Oceania 2021 locations.

Richard started his orienteering journey with Walton Chasers in England in the mid 1970s before a moved to Perth, Australia in 1981 and immediately threw himself into the active local orienteering scene setting events, mapping and organising. A 5 year stint in Vancouver, Canada added Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club (GVOC) to his club membership and he added a British Columbian Championship setting credit to his roles during his time in Canada. 

In Western Australia Richard has held numerous Orienteering West Australia committee positions including President. He also has a long history of Rogaining as President of WARA for 5 years and  as a founding member of the International Rogaining Association. Experienced with overseas events from the JK in England, he now has experience in Australia as a Level 3 Controller for over 10 years. Richard has been involved in 3 Australian Easter Carnivals as setter, controller and organiser, and also as an Australian Champs controller. A highlight in 2019 was being awarded the Silva Trophy for Services to Orienteering by Orienteering Australia – recognising many years of volunteer work.

At the competitive level, Richard has competed in the Australian AUS / NZ Challenge (anyone remember Kapamuhunga!) in the 1980s and has many state titles plus Australian and International Rogaining trophies in his cabinet. We are lucky to have him on-board working with the PAPO team in Christchurch to bring a top-quality event to the Oceania Orienteering community. 

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Announcement of Embargo

Oceania Orienteering Championships 2021 Embargo

The area covered by red shading on the map is henceforth embargoed until the end of the Oceania Orienteering Championships, January 2021. The area is located at the north end of Laidmore Rd, North Canterbury, approximately 50km north of Christchurch. Coordinates for the area are: -43.054942, 172.586512

No access to this area is permitted to those intending to compete in the Oceania Orienteering NZ Championships 2021, nor shall any competitors attempt to gain further knowledge of the terrain aside from that distributed by the organisers of the Oceania Orienteering Championships 2021.

Any queries shall be directed to Marcus Diprose

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Welcome to Canterbury in January 2021