Ready, set, but don’t go yet

We have been investigating what is the most meaningful embargo notice.
Yes, we know that sounds odd, but we are serious map geeks here. You can let us know if we have missed any vital info. Orienteers take embargos seriously, and we always enjoy reading the interesting comments that come after releasing one. So read the full document and fire us some great questions.

We have been following the IOF recommendations as closely as possible and some good technical discussions have been floating around. Many thanks to all the NZ technical team and out IOF advisor for your input. Orienteers like to keep the terrain fresh for the day – otherwise it defeats the purpose, so we know you will keep your eyes on this map only.  Stay away, to keep the best map sport experience for the event on the day. 

Full embargo document link:

Oceania 2021 embargo doc – template v3